Below you will find what some of our customers say about our dealership. To add a testimonial of your own, submit it on the Customer Survey page.

"I was in need of a new set of tires before heading out to the 2015 MOA Rally in Billings Montana, Adventure BMW (Nolan) was able to get me in the next day and also had the Tourance tires in stock. Sean mounted the tires and within a few hrs I was out the door. Thank you Adventure BMW."Jeff Green | Virginia Beach, VA

"Don't know everyone's name that works there yet.... But just walk in the door and you can feel at home. It's a small shop but make yourself at ease...there are bikes all over the landscape.The service department rocks! My first BMW bike(R1200rtw). Drove off with an RTW, it was like a flash back to the excitement of my first kiss and first mini bike ride at 13 years old, the only difference was the next day when seeing I clocked 109 mph's on the GPS and my pants were dry(from the kiss).Have flown military aircraft over 7000 hours --.The BMW R1200RTW is what I call awesome!!!"Anonymous | williamsburg, VA

"I bought my '14 R1200RT from Adventure BMW in Chesapeake. I felt like Rick (sales manager) did everything within his power to make the sale go as smoothly as possible. I had been into the dealership several times to drool over the RT's, so Rick was used to seeing me hang around the showroom. I called Rick and told him to hold the Quartz Blue RT for me and gave him all the info he would need to start the sale process. I arrived about an hour before closing time. Rick had everything ready for me to sign when I arrived and still took the time to walk me through all the controls on the bike. I can probably find farkles for less on The Google, but I think I will give give my business to Adventure BMW. The guys at Adventure take a genuine interest in their customers and I feel at home when I'm there. "Mark Williams | Chesapeake, VA

"I purchased my 2004 K1200RS from Adventure in March 2013. The owner and his staff were great in going over all the options on the bike, answered all my questions with patience, and in follow up sales with different gear I bought. Rich even gave me a credit on my next set of tires purchased because of the wear the ones that came on the bike had and my concern since I was preparing for a several thousand mile road trip the following month. . I getting ready to reshoe my bike for the season and have her tuned up and wouldn't think of going anywhere else but Adventure! Thanks for making the customer #1! "Anonymous | Virginia Beach, VA

"Last year 2012, I was able to ride over 15,000.00 miles on my 2001 R1150 GS. This was due to the friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable staff. I was able to get my bike in for scheduled maintenance, new tires, and some un-scheduled maintenance (a failed brake line), and then back out on the road again with minimal time in the shop. Thank you Adventure BMW and staff. "Jeffrey Green | Virginia Beach, VA

"I don’t normally write testimonials. I expect good customer service and for people to do their jobs. But sometimes, it is warranted. I have two Beemers, a 2000 R11RTP and a 2010 R12GSA, neither was purchased from Adventure. Yet, they have always treated me as if I had purchased a butt-ton of bikes from them. I can call them anytime with questions and always get correct precise answers. When I need a part, it usually arrives in the mail within a couple of days. And we all know that some BMW parts can be pretty difficult to obtain: a new fairing storage box for the RTP comes to mind. Recently, I had a rear brake system failure on my GSA: a complete loss of fluid. I loaded the bike on the Kendon and hauled her over on a Tuesday morning, arriving unannounced. On Thursday afternoon, I get a call that she is ready. The leak was in the adapter (pc 3 - dwg 34-1649). An obscure part? Yes. An in stock part? No But they found it quickly, did the repairs quickly, and got her back to me quickly. This is typical of the folks at Adventure. I highly recommend this dealership."Jim Rogers | Yorktown, VA

"Purchased new tires for my R1200RT. Excellent service!"Robert Watkins | Parksley, VA

"On a rainy Saturday, 9/24/11, I ended up rolling into Adventure BMW in search of some help for my burnt out 07 R1200 GS Adv headlamp. Minor emergency, yes, but I really needed to have the option of riding at night. I was down for the weekend from the Takoma Park, MD area to watch my daughter play collegiate soccer. With no notice or telephone call, I walked in, introduced myself to service Manager Nolan Blanco, and was taken care of. And I mean completely taken care of, as if I was a regular (I'm not, I'm from Bob's BMW territory, 275 miles north!). These GS bulbs are NOT that easy to install, either. You've got to be patient, have good eyes, and possess some mechanical agility to get in and around the necessary cockpit parts. Well, Nolan was all that and more. You could sense his appreciation of the BMW machine and anyone who shared his interest in the sport. He worked with me in the rain, then out of the rain, until we (well, HE) got that sucker properly mounted. I also learned a few things about my bike that I did not not know prior to meeting Nolan. What's more, he insisted on no compensation except for the price of the bulb. Thanks Nolan! Thanks Adventure BMW. "Ed Read | Takoma PaRK, MD

"Thanks so much for getting my throttle bodies synchronized on short notice while I was in the middle of a trip from NC to IN. I just dropped in with no notice and you had it done in about an hour from the time I got there. Plus, the bike runs better than it has in the 20,000 miles I've owned it! In addition to the service, I really appreciate the extra time you spent with me talking about things to watch out for as far as keeping the bike maintained. It seems all too rare these days to get above-and-beyond service from a motorcycle dealer but I'm glad I found it. I debated on even stopping in, anxious to get home, but I'm so glad I did. Definitely exceeded my expectations. I'm glad to know I've got a good dealer to rely on if I need it, as I'm moving back to Elizabeth City, NC, in a couple of months. Thanks! Jake Steinbrink"Jake Steinbrink | West Lafayette, IN

" During my first visit to Adventure (to have my GT serviced). I saw a R1200GSA that I had to have. I praised Adventure for their Service Dept last week, and now I can praise their Sales Dept. Like I said last time.....I will make that short trip to Adventure BMW (from NC) again. Its a good ride and a great dealership! "Robert Overby | Grimesland, NC

"After having trouble getting my K1200GT serviced at my (somewhat) local, selling dealership, I called Adventure BMW...and someone in service answered. I was shocked too. I made an appointment for two days later. They were very friendly, polite, proffessional, etc. I wrode my GT 2.5 hours north to VA and was 10 minutes late for my appointment. They put my info in the system, told me where I could store my bags, and went to work. I had coffee, worked on my laptop and Blackberry, shopped, asked questions, and soon left with a great motorcycle, and a new dealer to service it. All I can say is THANKS!!! I will make that ride again soon."Robert Overby | Grimesland, NC